Creating Order Ahead of Chaos
Bashir Khan (AirMatrix CEO) being filmed and interviewed for CTV news.

Creating Order Ahead of Chaos

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Earlier this month, AirMatrix successfully completed drone trials demonstrating the safe operation of multiple drones flying simultaneously in a shared airspace in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario. Using AirMatrix’s proprietary drone traffic management system, the trial showcased how multiple types of drones from different manufacturers can fly simultaneously while performing different use cases in the same shared airspace.


Working with Rogers Communications and the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy, two semi-autonomous drone use cases were conducted in the downtown core of Kitchener demonstrating a pharmaceutical delivery and a site signal survey over Rogers LTE network. The signal survey tested the strength and reliability of the wireless network, which will provide drone operators with a flight safety guarantee.

Transport Canada official and AirMatrix team member on site during flights in the Region of Waterloo
Transport Canada official and AirMatrix team member on site during flights in the Region of Waterloo

In addition, two drones from different hardware manufacturers were used for these separate use cases; namely Inspired Flight and FLIR, which both operated safely and simultaneously on the AirMatrix system.


These trials are a part of a multi-phase project with the Region of Waterloo; partnering to build and use a network of drone skyways and a traffic management platform.


As first shared in AirMatrix’s announcement on the launch of this Region of Waterloo partnership, the results of this phase in November have demonstrated the widespread compatibility of AirMatrix’s traffic management system to support many drones and hardware providers at the same time. This is critical for scaling drone usage in cities as multiple use cases, both for public and commercial application, are becoming increasingly in demand.

“Drones flying on skyroads is technically much more complex than cars driving on asphalt roads today, hence requiring a higher level of technology integration and data fidelity to ensure that drones of various sizes and makes can operate semi autonomously, remotely, without interfering with traffic on the ground or in the air,” says AirMatrix CEO Bashir Khan. “AirMatrix software enables this safe interoperability by building precise and optimized aerial roads, compatible with autopilots of various manufacturers as well as the multitude of operations drones conduct.”


About AirMatrix

AirMatrix enables cities to take control of their skies, while accelerating the commercialization of drone use cases through their millimetre-precise drone roads and platform for autonomous traffic management. AirMatrix is a Canadian technology company affiliated with Communitech, MaRS and DMZ. AirMatrix is an industry leader that has spoken at conferences such as at Unmanned Systems Canada and the World of Drones Congress. They are a member of Transport Canada action team on drone traffic management, and sit on the Standards Council of Canada committee on drones, in coordination with the National Research Council, as well as the NASA Transformative Vertical Flight Working Group. 


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