Our Product

Through innovation unparalleled in the market, AirMatrix enables the simultaneous operation of multiple autonomous drones in high-density urban areas.

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How does AirMatrix work?

AirMatrix allows drone service providers, and Enterprise companies looking to add drones to their operations, the ability to operate multiple drones simultaneously, autonomously, within shared airspace. We conduct aerial mapping with millimeter level precision, combining available airspace into meter sized blocks where a drone could possibly operate. Our software layers these blocks and adds autonomous pathways based on traffic flow/demand, alongside the right safety, risk-mitigation, and governance features. This software integrates with our customers’ drones, helping move the industry towards an unmanned traffic management ecosystem that is secure and seamless.



Through drone-to-drone communication, appropriate airspace data integration, and embedded safety protocols, AirMatrix reliably supports the simultaneous operation of multiple autonomous missions in civil airspace.


The AirMatrix API allows drone service providers or enterprise companies to manage hundreds, working towards thousands, of autonomous drones within shared airspace, even when moving beyond visual line of sight.


With hyper precise route optimization based on a multitude of factors, AirMatrix facilitates the effective air traffic management of multiple drones in accordance with the highest of unmanned aerial standards globally.


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