Customer Solutions

Animated city skyline with drones hovering above

For Everyone:

Enjoy less road congestion thanks to well-managed aerial roads.

Get faster and better access to emergency services with prioritized public-service missions.

Reduce emissions by replacing road traffic with electric-powered drones.

Get where you’re going faster with more efficient city transit as congestion is alleviated.

For Enterprises:

Ensure safe drone delivery with efficient optimized 3D routes and precise tracking.

Gain access to operate in urban markets and serve customers.

Quickly plan and easily control your drones’ routes with our user-friendly interface.

Scale the capacity of your operators helping reduce costs and optimize revenue.

For Local Government:

Create a safe and efficient infrastructure ready for the drone surge.

Gain the ability to control, monitor, and regulate the new sky roads.

Gain expert support in local task forces shaping regulations.

Turn on a new economic engine for your businesses and constituents.

Gain a new revenue stream through toll collection.

How AirMatrix benefits local enterprises.

How AirMatrix benefits local enterprises.

Animated city skyline with drones hovering above and green highlights showing their optimal routes

AirMatrix keeps you in complete control of your fleet. You can plan, track, and coordinate multiple drones in one simple interface. Our software integrates directly with user’s drones, so it’s fast and easy to get on board.

On an AirMatrix sky road, enterprises can:

Take flight sooner:

Save time, funds, and resources with a turnkey technology.
Gain the expertise of a team who will help you build and launch your highways in the sky.

Get where you’re going faster & greener:

Avoid congested polluting highways and obstacles of ground transportation.
Spend less time planning your own routes while moving towards environmentally friendly logistics.

Optimize revenue

Replace ground transportation with most cost-efficient drone deliveries.
Achieve speed and efficiencies that can reduce costs and generate revenue.

Keep your drones safe

Access local skies based on millimeter precise roads – there are no surprises! Our roads are supervised and governed to keep things running smoothly. See why precision matters

Track your drone fleet 24/7:

Our simple user interface lets you track every drone in your fleet so you know exactly where it is and when it will arrive.
Our software integrates directly with drones.

How AirMatrix benefits local governments.

Animated skyline with City Hall in the centre

How AirMatrix benefits local governments.

More drones are taking flight every day. This includes commercial drones, government drones, civil drones, and more – roughly 10 million more within the next 5 years.

But where are they all going? Do they have free reign over the skies? Can they choose their own routes? Take short-cuts? Without roads, there aren’t any road rules. Without road rules, anything goes. ‘Anything goes’ is risky.

AirMatrix helps cities harness the growing drone industry with an infrastructure that’s safe, secure, and scalable.

Our drone roads help pave the way for government, civil, commercial, and public service drones to share airspace safely and efficiently. Drone operators can pilot multiple autonomous drones simultaneously, confident that the airspace is under control – even as more and more drones take flight.

With every use, local governments will benefit from toll collection, providing a new revenue stream for the city. Not only will you make back your investment, but your drone road system can generate income without adding long-term cost to your constituents. Cities will also gain the ability to govern this new transportation infrastructure, with full transparency and control of its users.

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