The AirMatrix Team

As the drone industry rises to new heights, our founders, advisors, and partners are committed to bringing the highest standards of safety, efficiency, and control to our skies.

Screenshot of the AirMatrix phone app showing ideal routes for drones flying in shared airspace


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Bashir Khan

Bashir is a technology entrepreneur and Canadian innovator, who graduated from the University of Toronto. Bashir is part of the Transport Canada working group on UTM, the RPAS Traffic Management Action Team (RTMAT), as well as Canada's mirror committee on drone standards for the International Standards Organization. He is also a member of NASA's working group on transformational vertical flight, specifically for public services. He also sits on Canada's FSAT (Flight Safety Action Team), is a fellow at the DMZ, and advisor to the board at Linguistix Tank, a global data service provider to the world's largest voice-tech platforms, such as Google and Microsoft.

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Ayaan Haider

From development to deployment, Ayaan has worked extensively to deliver the product we have today. University of Toronto graduate in Mechanical Engineering and certified Advanced Drone Pilot, Ayaan’s customer-centric focus and expertise in mechatronics engineering has led to the mapping of urban cities, OEM partnerships, regulatory operations, and more. Before co-founding AirMatrix, Ayaan developed autonomous wheelchairs for paraplegics in Sweden, led the creation of Inkbox’s current technology, and developed smart parking technology.

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Shayaan Haider

Credited for developing the stack since day one, Shayaan is a lead engineer and certified Advanced Drone Pilot. While completing his degree from University of Toronto, he worked on numerous projects including AI research at University of Toronto labs for aerospace initiatives and LiDar sensor research and development at Zebra Technologies . Shayaan’s passion for complex problem solving shines at AirMatrix as he develops the product and drives strategy for design and scale.

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Mary Lee

Corporate Director

Mary has over 30 years of diverse management experience in a variety of industry segments; notably financial services, management consulting, packaged goods, media, telecommunications, and technology.  Mary has held  management positions and engagements at Citibank, TD Bank, Colgate Palmolive, Sony BMG, CTV, and KPMG just to name a few. Over the last few years, Mary has focused her efforts in founding, building and the ultimate sale of an international payment company.

Ricky Mehra

Founder of Q2 Metrics, acquired by IQVIA (NYSE: IQV)

A Canadian academic, futurist and entrepreneur, Ricky is a Creative Destructive Lab Associate. Having had a successful exit from a big-data predictive analytics health-tech company, he is now focused on early stage Venture Capital, with a passion for the next generation of infrastructure, aiding AirMatrix to be a forerunner in this effort.

Prof. Low Kin Huat

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Professor, Nanyang Technological University – Singapore
A global leading researcher in the fields of robotics, vibrations, impact analysis, unmanned aerial vehicles, and machine & mechanism design. Having led the project to develop a 4.5G network for drones in Singapore, alongside M1 Telecom. He is an Honorary Member of GUTMA (the Global UTM Association) and currently the chairman of the IEEE RAS (Robotics Automation Society) Technical Committee.

Prof. Justin Boutilier

MIT, previously University of Toronto

A postdoctoral associate in the MIT Humanitarian Supply Chain Lab at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, Justin is leading a FEMA sponsored project with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine that focuses on private sector supply chain resiliency, adaptability, and preparedness during natural disasters. He’s actively pursuing drone delivery applications in health care, such as using drones to deliver defibrillators to cardiac arrest incidents.

Jason Brown

Sales Executive

Jason brings a wealth of experience in the world of enterprise sales. As a high profile account exec, Jason was a top sales performer at incumbent giants such as IBM, Rogers, McAfee, and Intel. Now with two unicorn exits under his belt: ISS and Tanium, where he led scaling as an executive, Jason brings a breadth of expertise, insights, and relationships across a multitude of sectors.

Navid Nathoo

Co-Founder of TKS, Founder of Airpost, acquired by box (NYSE: BOX)

Navid is the Founder of TKS, a human accelerator designed for students age 13-17 which attracts some of the brightest young minds of the 21st century. He is passionate about developing unicorn people to solve the world’s most important problems through exponential technologies, sciences, and entrepreneurship. Prior to founding TKS Navid founded and sold his first startup, Airpost, to Box, becoming a product lead on deep learning and AI at Box, as well as  a director at Alchemist accelerator in San Francisco.

Jeffrey Osborne

Co-founder, Kepler Communications

A PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto, Jeff is a co-founder and VP of Strategy and Business Development for one of Canada’s most exciting and thriving Space companies. Kepler communications, a satellite telecommunications company that is building in-space infrastructure to enable on-demand and real-time access to space-born data. They are currently launching their own constellation (LEO), with a successful initial launch already in the books. Jeff was also a President of the University of Toronto Aerospace Team, founding multiple divisions.


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