We build the world’s most precise drone road systems.

Animated series of miniature square model cities with green outlines running through
We’re in a similar place with drones as we were at the turn of the twentieth century with cars. The next step is to build the roads with traffic systems everyone knows and follows.

Our multi-layered grid system helps high-density cities keep their skies safe and controlled.

Our software integrates directly with user autopilots, a crucial element within the unmanned traffic management ecosystem.

Millimeter-precise accuracy keeps our drone roads safe, efficient, and scalable.
Animated series of miniature square model cities with green outlines running through

Why does precision matter?

Without roads, there aren’t any road rules. Every operator will plan their own route – whether it’s for one drone or an entire fleet.

Many drone operators create routes on GPS maps that are errored up to 6 meters. In tight urban spaces, a 6-meter error can be a collision or even injury. This means they can’t go beyond visual line of sight without compromising safety. It also makes it difficult to scale any autonomous flights in shared airspace.

AirMatrix solves this problem by building our maps to millimeter-level precision, based on proprietary datasets of real time traffic, geospatial data, and weather.

Screenshot of the AirMatrix phone app showing ideal routes for drones flying in shared airspace

Users access our web application to plan and fly their routes. Our advanced algorithm analyzes and optimizes the ideal routes for multiple drones flying in shared airspace. 

With AirMatrix, one operator can manage routes for multiple autonomous drones.

Human and single drone icons

Without AirMatrix 

1 operator controls 1 drone with many others on site, monitoring flight

Human and multiple drone icons

With AirMatrix

1 operator has the ability to control many autonomous drones remotely

Our millimeter-precise technology also empowers local governments to prioritize emergencies over commercial or personal interests. Critical services like first responders and organ deliveries can quickly and safely move through high-density urban corridors.

Multiple drones competing for airspace

Without AirMatrix

Drones are at high risk of collision with buildings and one another

AirMatrix drone icon receiving priority access

With AirMatrix

Public safety drones get priority and enterprises can gain access at the same time

Our shared infrastructure allows all users to operate together in shared airspace, so enterprises and governments can gain access to urban airspace. Clear skies are a win-win for everyone.